Morning Session: Recognition (oral) (oral)

Learning to Localize Objects with Structured Output Regression (PDF, abstract)
Matthew B. Blaschko, Christoph H. Lampert
Beyond Nouns: Exploiting Prepositions and Comparators for Learning Visual Classifiers (PDF)
Abhinav Gupta, Larry Davis
Learning Spatial Context: Using Stuff to Find Things (PDF)
Geremy Heitz, Daphne Koller
Segmentation and Recognition using Structure from Motion Point Clouds (PDF, project)
Gabriel Brostow, Jamie Shotton, Julien Fauqueur, Roberto Cipolla

Afternoon Session: Stereo (oral)

Efficient Dense 3D Scene Flow from Sparse or Dense Stereo Data
Andreas Wedel, Clemens Rabe, Tobi Vaudrey, Thomas Brox, Daniel Cremers
Robust Integration of Silhouettes and Stereo: A Convex Formulation
Kalin Kolev, Daniel Cremers
Multiple Hypotheses Depth-Maps for Multi-View Stereo (PDF)
Neill Duncan Francis Campbell, George Vogiatzis, Carlos Hernandez, Roberto Cipolla
Sparse structures in L-infinity norm minimization for structure and motion reconstruction
Yongduek Seo , Hyun-Jeong Lee , Sang-Wook Lee

Morning Session 1: People (oral)

Floor Fields for Tracking in High Density Crowded Scenes (PDF)
Ali Saad, Shah Mubarak
The Naked Truth: Estimating Body Shape Under Clothing
Alexandru Balan, Michael Black
Temporal Surface Tracking using Mesh Evolution (PDF)
Kiran Varanasi, Andrei Zaharescu, Edmond Boyer, Radu Horaud

Morning Session 2: Faces (oral)

Grassmann Registration Manifolds for Face Recognition (PDF)
Yui Man Lui, J. Ross Beveridge
Facial Expression Recognition Based on 3D Dynamic Range Model Sequences
Yi Sun , Lijun Yin
Face Alignment via Component-based Discriminative Searching
Lin Liang, Fang Wen, Jian Sun
Improving People Search Using Query Expansions: How Friends Help To Find People (PDF)
Thomas Mensink, Jakob Verbeek

Afternoon Session: Tracking (oral)

Robust Object Tracking by Hierarchical Association of Detection Responses
Chang Huang, Bo Wu, Ramakant Nevatia
Improving the Agility of Keyframe-Based SLAM (PDF)
Georg Klein , David Murray
Articulated Multi-Body Tracking under Egomotion
Stephan Gammeter, Tobias Jaeggli, Andreas Ess, Konrad Schindler, Bastian Leibe, Luc Van Gool
Robust Real-Time Visual Tracking using Pixel-Wise Posteriors
Charles Bibby, Ian Reid

Morning Session 1: Matching (oral)

3D Non-rigid Surface Matching and Registration Based on Holomorphic Differentials
Wei Zeng, Yun Zeng, Yang Wang, Xianfeng Gu, Dimitris Samaras
Semi-supervised Dense Matching of Two Uncalibrated Images
Jianxiong XIAO, Jingni CHEN, Dit-Yan YEUNG, Long QUAN
SIFT flow: dense correspondence across different scenes (PDF) - formely: Generalized optical flow for video matching
Ce Liu, Jenny Yuen, Antonio Torralba, Josef Sivic, William T. Freeman

Morning Session 2: Learning+Features (oral)

Discriminative Sparse Image Models for Class-Specific Edge Detection and Image Interpretation (PDF) - formely: A new algorithm for learning sparse signal models and its application to edge detection and image interpretation
Julien Mairal, Marius Leordeanu, Francis Bach, Jean Ponce, Martial Hebert
Non-local Regularization of Inverse Problems (PDF)
Peyre Gabriel, Bougleux Sebastien, Cohen Laurent
Training Hierarchial Feed-forward Visual Recognition Models Using Transfer Learning from Pseudo-Tasks
Amr Ahmed, Kai Yu, Wei Xu, Yihong Gong
Learning Optical Flow
Deqing Sun, Stefan Roth, Michael Black

Afternoon Session: MRFs (oral)

Belief Propagation with Directional Statistics for solving the Shape-from-Shading problem
Tom S. F. Haines, Richard C. Wilson
A Convex Formulation of Continuous Multi-Label Problems
Thomas Pock, Thomas Schönemann, Daniel Cremers, Horst Bischof
Beyond Loose LP-relaxations: Optimizing MRFs by Repairing Cycles
Nikos Komodakis, Nikos Paragios

Morning Session 1: Segmentation (oral)

Histogram-based Image Segmentation in the Presence of Shadows and Highlights (PDF) - formely: Image Segmentation in the Presence of Shadows and Highlights Using a Ridge based Histogram Analysis
Eduard Vazquez, Joost van de Weijer, Ramon Baldrich
Image Segmentation by Branch-and-Mincut (PDF, PDF extended TR) - formely: Image Segmentation by Branch-and-Cut
Victor Lempitsky, Andrew Blake, Carsten Rother
What is a Good Image Segment? A Unified Approach to Segment Extraction (PDF, project)
Shai Bagon, Oren Boiman, Michal Irani

Morning Session 2: Computational Photography (oral)

Light-Efficient Photography (PDF, project)
Samuel W. Hasinoff, Kiriakos N. Kutulakos
Flexible Depth of Field Photography (PDF, project)
Hajime Nagahara, Sujit Kuthirummal, Changyin Zhou, Shree Nayar
Priors for Large Photo Collections and What they Reveal about Cameras (PDF)
Sujit Kuthirummal, Aseem Agarwala, Dan Goldman, Shree Nayar
Understanding camera trade-offs through a Bayesian analysis of light field projections (PDF)
Anat Levin, Bill Freeman, Fredo Durand

Afternoon Session: Active Reconstruction (oral)

Temporal Dithering of Illumination for Fast Active Vision (PDF, project, supplementary materials)
Srinivasa Narasimhan, Sanjeev Koppal, Shuntaro Yamazaki
Compressive Structured Light for Recovering Inhomogeneous Participating Media (PDF, video)
Jinwei Gu, Shree Nayar, Eitan Grinspun, Peter Belhumeur, Ramamoorthi Ravi
Passive Reflectometry (PDF)
Fabiano Romeiro, Yuriy Vasilyev, Todd Zickler
Fusion of Feature- and Area-Based Information for Urban Buildings Modeling from Aerial Imagery
Lukas Zebedin, Joachim Bauer

Poster Session 1

Searching the World's Herbaria: A System of Visual Identification of Plant Species
Peter Belhumeur, Daozheng Chen, Steven Feiner, David Jacobs, John Kress, Haibin Ling, Ida Lopez, Sameer Shirdhonkar
Keypoint Signatures for Fast Learning and Recognition
Michael Calonder, Vincent Lepetit, Pascal Fua
Active Matching
Margarita Chli, Andrew Davison
Toward scalable dataset construction: An active learning approach
Brendan Collins, Jia Deng, Kai Li, Li Fei-Fei
GeoS: Geodesic Image Segmentation
Antonio Criminisi, Toby Sharp, Andrew Blake
Simultaneous motion detection and background reconstruction with a mixed-state conditional Markov random field
Tomas Crivelli, Gwenaelle Piriou, Patrick Bouthemy, Bruno Cernuschi Frias, Jian-Feng Yao
Semidefinite Programming Heuristics for Surface Reconstruction Ambiguities
Ady Ecker , Allan Jepson
Robust Optimal Pose Estimation
Olof Enqvist, Fredrik Kahl
Lerning to Recognize Activities from the Wrong View Point
Ali Farhadi, Mostafa Kamali Tabrizi
Joint Parametric and Non-Parametric Curve Evolution for Medical Image Segmentation
Mahshid Farzinfar , Zhong Xue , Eam Khwang Teoh
Localizing Objects With Smart Dictionaries (PDF)
Brian Fulkerson, Andrea Vedaldi, Stefano Soatto
Weakly Supervised Object Localization with Stable Segmentations
Carolina Galleguillos, Boris Babenko, Andrew Rabinovich, Serge Belongie
A Perceptual Comparison of Distance Measures for Color Constancy Algorithms
Arjan Gijsenij, Theo Gevers, Marcel Lucassen
Scale Invariant Action Recognition using Compound Features Mined from Dense Spatio-temporal Corners
Andrew Gilbert, Richard Bowden, John Illingworth
Semi-Supervised On-line Boosting for Robust Tracking
Helmut Grabner, Christian Leistner, Horst Bischof
Reformulating and Optimizing the Mumford-Shah Functional on a Graph - A Faster, Lower Energy Solution
Leo Grady, Christopher Alvino
Viewpoint Invariant Pedestrian Recognition with an Ensemble of Localized Features (PDF)
Doug Gray, Hai Tao
Shape Matching by Segmentation Averaging
Wang Hongzhi, Oliensis John
Multi-Stage Contour based Detection of Deformable Objects
Arpit Jain, Saiprasad Ravishankar, Anurag Mittal
Hamming embedding and weak geometric consistency for large scale image search (PDF)
Hervé Jégou, Matthijs Douze, Cordelia Schmid
Estimating Geo-Temporal Location of Stationary Cameras Using Shadow Trajectories
Imran Junejo, Hassan Foroosh
An Experimental Comparison of Discrete and Continuous Shape Optimization Methods
Maria Klodt, Thomas Schoenemann, Kalin Kolev, Marek Schikora, Daniel Cremers
Image Feature Extraction using Gradient Local Auto-Correlations
Takumi Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Otsu
Analysis of Building Textures for Reconstructing Partially Occluded Facades
Thommen Korah, Christopher Rasmussen
Nonrigid Image Registration Using Dynamic Higher-Order MRF Model
Dongjin Kwon, Kyong Joon Lee, Il Dong Yun, Sang Uk Lee
Tracking of Abrupt Motion using Wang-Landau Monte Carlo Estimation (PDF)
Joonsuk Kwon, Kyoung Mu Lee
Surface visibility probabilities in 3D cluttered scenes (PDF)
Michael S. Langer
A Generative Shape Regularization Model for Robust Face Alignment
Gu Leon, Kanade Takeo
Modeling and Recognition of Landmark Image Collections Using Iconic Scene Graphs
Xiaowei Li, Changchang Wu, Christopher Zach, Svetlana Lazebnik, Jan-Michael Frahm
VideoCut: Removing Irrelevant Frames by Discovering the Object of Interest
David Liu, Tsuhan Chen, Gang Hua
Output Regularized Metric Learning with Application to Collaborative Image Retrieval
Wei Liu, Steven Hoi, Jianzhuang Liu, Xiaoou Tang
ASN: Image Keypoint Detection from Adaptive Shape Neighborhood
Jean-Nicolas Ouellet, Patrick Hébert
Online Sparse Matrix Gaussian Process Regression and Vision Applications
Ananth Ranganathan, Ming-Hsuan Yang
Brain Hallucination
François Rousseau
Range Flow for Varying Illumination
Tobias Schuchert, Til Aach, Hanno Scharr
Measuring and Predicting how Important Objects are in Scenes
Merrielle Spain, Pietro Perona
Robust multiple structures estimation with J-linkage
Roberto Toldo, Andrea Fusiello
Human Activity Recognition with Metric Learning (PDF)
Du Tran, Alexander Sorokin
A Closed Form Solution to Nonrigid Shape and Motion Recovery from Perspective Views
Rene Vidal, Richard Hartley
Search Space Reduction for MRF Stereo
Liang Wang, Hailin Jin, Ruigang Yang
Estimating 3D Face Model and Facial Deformation from a Single Image Based on Expression Manifold Optimization
Shu-Fan Wang, Shang-Hong Lai
Efficiently Learning Random Fields for Stereo Vision with Sparse Message Passing
Jerod Weinman, Lam Tran, Chris Pal
Recovering Light Directions and Camera Poses from a Single Sphere
K.-Y. K. Wong, Dirk Schnieders, Shuda Li
Tracking with Dynamic Hidden State Shape Models
Zheng Wu, Margrit Betke, Jingbin Wang, Vassilis Athitsos, Stan Sclaroff
Spacetime Tracking for 2D Generic Objects with Continuous Optimization
Wei Xiaolin, Chai Jinxiang
Segmentation Based Variational Model for Accurate Optical Flow Estimation
Li Xu, Jianing Chen, Jiaya Jia
Similarity Features for Facial Event Analysis
Peng Yang, Qingshan Liu, DIMITRIS Metaxas
Building a Compact Relevant Sample Coverage for Relevance Feedback in Content-Based Image Retrieval
Bangpeng Yao , Haizhou Ai , Shihong Lao
Discriminative Learning for Deformable Shape Segmentation: A Comparative Study
Jingdan Zhang, Shaohua Zhou, Leonard McMillan, Dorin Comaniciu
Discriminative Locality Alignment
Tianhao Zhang, Dacheng Tao, Jie Yang

Poster Session 2

Fast automatic single-view reconstruction of urban scenes
Olga Barinova, Anton Konouchine, Anton Yakubenko, Vadim Konouchine, Hwasup Lim
Fourier Analysis of the 2D Screened Poisson Equation for Gradient Domain Problems (PDF, project, code and more) - formely: An Efficient Fourier Domain Solution for Gradient Domain Filtering
Pravin Bhat, Brian Curless, Michael Cohen, Larry Zitnick
Anisotropic Geodesics for Perceptual Grouping and Meshing
Sebastien Bougleux, Gabriel Peyre, Laurent Cohen
Compressive Sensing for Background Subtraction (PDF) - formely: Background Subtraction for Compressed Sensing Camera
Volkan Cevher, Dikpal Reddy, Marco Duarte, Aswin Sankaranarayanan, Rama Chellappa, Richard Baraniuk
Robust 3D Pose Estimation and Efficient 2D Region-Based Segmentation from a 3D Shape Prior
Samuel Dambreville, Anthony Yezzi, Romeil Sandhu, Allen Tannenbaum
Linear Time Maximally Stable Extremal Regions
Nister David, Stewenius Henrik
Edge-Based Methods for Estimating Manhattan Frames in Urban Imagery
Patrick Denis, Francisco Estrada, James Elder
Multiple Component Learning for Object Detection
Piotr Dollar, Boris Babenko, Serge Belongie, Zhuowen Tu
A Probabilistic Approach to Integrating Multiple Cues in Visual Tracking (PDF)
Wei Du , Justus Piater
A Lattice-Preserving Multigrid Method for Solving the Inhomogeneous Poisson Equations used in Image Analysis
Leo Grady
SMD: A Locally Stable Monotonic Change Invariant Feature Descriptor (PDF, project, code)
Raj Gupta, Anurag Mittal
Finding Actions Using Shape Flows (PDF)
Hao Jiang, David Martin
Cross-View Action Recognition from Temporal Self-Similarities (PDF)
Imran Junejo, Emilie Dexter, Ivan Laptev, Patrick Perez
Window Annealing over Square Lattice Markov Random Field (PDF)
Hoyub Jung, Kyoung Mu Lee, Sang Uk Lee
Simultaneous Visual Recognition of Manipulation Actions and Manipulated Objects
Hedvig Kjellstrom, Javier Romero, David Martinez, Danica Kragic
Robust Active Contours for 3D Surface Segmentation
Matthias Krueger, Patrice Delmas, Georgy Gimel'farb
What is a Good Nearest Neighbors Algorithm for Finding Similar Patches in Images?
Neeraj Kumar, Li Zhang, Shree Nayar
Learning for Optical Flow Using Stochastic Optimization
Yunpeng Li, Daniel Huttenlocher
Region-based 2D deformable generalized cylinder for narrow structures segmentation (PDF) - formely: Region-based ribbon active contours
Julien Mille, Romuald Boné, Laurent Cohen
Pose Priors for Simultaneously Solving Alignment and Correspondence
Francesc Moreno-Noguer, Vincent Lepetit, Pascal Fua
Latent Pose Estimator for Continuous Action Recognition
Huazhong Ning, Wei Xu, Yihong Gong, Thomas Huang
Relevant Feature Selection for Human Pose Estimation and Localization in Cluttered Images (PDF)
Ryuzo Okada, Stefano Soatto
Efficient NCC-Based Image Matching in Walsh-Hadamard Domain
Wei-Hau Pan, Shou-Der Wei, Shang-Hong Lai
Object recognition by integrating multiple image segmentations
Caroline Pantofaru, Cordelia Schmid, Martial Hebert
Determining Patch Saliency Using Low-Level Context
Devi Parikh, Lawrence C. Zitnick, Tsuhan Chen
Edge-preserving Smoothing and Mean-shift Segmentation of Video Streams
Sylvain Paris
Deformed Lattice Discovery via Efficient Mean-Shift Belief Propagation
Minwoo Park, Yanxi Liu, Robert Collins
Local Statistic based Region Segmentation with Automatic Scale Selection
Jerome Piovano, Theodore Papadopoulo
A Comparative Analysis of RANSAC Techniques Leading to Adaptive Real-Time Random Sample Consensus
Rahul Raguram, Jan-Michael Frahm, Marc Pollefeys
Registering Video Sequences using Dynamic Texture Based Features
Avinash Ravichandran, Rene Vidal
Hierarchical Support Vector Random Fields: Joint Training to Combine Local and Global Features
Paul Schnitzspan, Mario Fritz, Bernt Schiele
Scene Segmentation Using the Wisdom of Crowds ()
Ian Simon, Steven M. Seitz
Optimization of Symmetric Transfer Error for Sub-frame Video Synchronization
Meghna Singh, Irene Cheng, Anup Basu, Mrinal Mandal
Shape-based Retrieval of Heart Sounds for Disease Similarity Detection
Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood, Fei Wang, Rajshekar Reddy
Learning CRFs using Graph Cuts
Martin Szummer, Pushmeet Kohli, Derek Hoiem
Feature Correspondence via Graph Matching: Models and Global Optimization
Lorenzo Torresani, Vladimir Kolmogorov, Carsten Rother
Event Modeling and Recognition using Markov Logic Networks
Son Tran, Larry Davis
Illumination and Person-Insensitive Head Pose Estimation Using Distance Metric Learning
Xianwang Wang, Xinyu Huang, Jizhou Gao, Ruigang Yang
2D Image Analysis by Generalized Hilbert Transforms in Conformal Space
Lennart Wietzke, Oliver Fleischmann, Gerald Sommer
An Efficient Dense and Scale-Invariant Spatio-Temporal Interest Point Detector
Geert Willems, Tinne Tuytelaars, Luc Van Gool
A Graph Based Subspace Semi-supervised Learning Framework for Dimensionality Reduction
Wuyi Yang, Shuwu Zhang
Online Tracking and Reacquisition Using Co-trained Generative and Discriminative Trackers
Qian Yu, Thang Dinh, Gerard Medioni
Statistical Analysis of Global Motion Chains
Jenny Yuen, Yasuyuki Matsushita
Active Image Labeling and Its Application to Facial Action Labeling
Lei Zhang, Yan Tong, Qiang Ji
Real Time Feature Based 3-D Deformable Face Tracking
Wei Zhang, Qiang Wang, Xiaoou Tang
Rank Classification of Linear Line Structure in Determining Trifocal Tensor
Ming Zhao, Chi-Kit Ronald Chung
Learning Visual Shape Lexicon for Document Image Content Recognition
Guangyu Zhu, Xiaodong Yu, Yi Li, David Doermann
Unsupervised Structure Learning: Hierarchical Composition, Suspicious Coincidence and Competitive Exclusion
long zhu, chenxi lin, haoda huang, yuanhao chen, alan yuille
Contour Context Selection for Object Detection: A Single Exemplar Suffices
Qihui Zhu, Liming Wang, Yang Wu, Jianbo Shi

Poster Session 3

Optimizing Binary MRFs with Higher Order Cliques
Asem Ali, Aly Farag, Gimel'farb Georgy
Multi-Camera Tracking and Atypical Motion Detection with Behavioral Maps
Jérôme Berclaz, François Fleuret, Pascal Fua
Image Colorization via Multimodal Predictions
Guillaume Charpiat , Matthias Hofmann , Bernhard Schölkopf
CSDD Features: Center-Surround Distribution Distance for Feature Extraction and Matching
Robert Collins, Weina Ge
Detecting Carried Objects in Short Video Sequences
Dima Damen, David Hogg
Exploiting Qualitative Constraints for Learning Bayesian Network Parameters
Cassio de Campos, Yan Tong, Qiang Ji
Action Recognition with a Bio-Inspired Feedforward Motion Processing Model: The Richness of Center-Surround Interactions
Maria Jose Escobar, Pierre Kornprobst, Guillaume S. Masson
Robust Scale Estimation from Ensemble Inlier Sets for Random Sample Consensus Methods
Lixin Fan, Timo Pylvanainen
Efficient Camera Smoothing in Sequential Structure-from-Motion using Approximate Cross-Validation
Michela Farenzena, Adrien Bartoli, Youcef Mezouar
Semi-Automatic Motion Segmentation with Motion Layer Mosaics
Matthieu Fradet, Patrick Perez, Philippe Robert
A Unified Frequency Domain Analysis of Lightfield Cameras (PDF, images and data)
Todor Georgiev, Chintan Intwala, Derin Babacan, Andrew Lumsdaine
Unsupervised Segmentation of Fiber Bundles in Diffusion Tensor Images
Alvina Goh, Rene Vidal
View Point Tracking of Rigid Objects Based on Shape Sub-Manifolds
Christian Gosch, Ketut Fundana, Anders Heyden, Christoph Schnörr
Shadows in three-source photometric stereo
Carlos Hernandez, George Vogiatzis, Roberto Cipolla
Generative Image Segmentation using Random Walks with Restart (PDF)
Taehoon Kim, Kyoung Mu Lee, Sang Uk Lee
Background Subtraction on Distributions (PDF)
Teresa Ko, Stefano Soatto, Deborah Estrin
Differential Spatial Resection
Kevin Koeser, Koch Reinhard
A Statistical Confidence Measure for Optical Flows
Claudia Kondermann, Rudolf Mester, Christoph Garbe
Riemannian Anisotropic Diffusion for Tensor Valued Images
Kai Krajsek, Marion Menzel, Michael Zwanger, Hanno Scharr
Automatic Generator of Minimal Problem Solvers
Zuzana Kukelova, Martin Bujnak, Tomas Pajdla
A New Baseline for Image Annotation
Sanjiv Kumar, Ameesh Makadia, Vladimir Pavlovic
Behind the Depth Uncertainty: Resolving Ordinal Depth in SFM
Shimiao Li, Loong-Fah Cheong
Sparse Long-Range Random Field and its Application to Image Denoising
Yunpeng Li, Daniel Huttenlocher
Student-t Mixture Filter for Robust, Real-Time Visual Tracking
James Loxam, Tom Drummond
Photo and Video Quality Evaluation: Focusing on the Subject
Yiwen Luo, Jianzhuang Liu, Xiaoou Tang
The bi-directional framework for unifying parametric image alignment approaches
Rémi Megret, Jean-Baptiste Authesserre, Yannick Berthoumieu
Direct Bundle Estimation for Recovery of Shape, Reflectance Property and Light Position
Tsuyoshi Migita, Shinsuke Ogino, Takeshi Shakunaga
A probabilistic cascade of detectors for individual object recognition
Pierre Moreels, Pietro Perona
Scale-Dependent/Invariant Local 3D Shape Descriptors for Fully Automatic Registration of Multiple Sets of Range Images
John Novatnack, Ko Nishino
Star Shape Prior for Graph-Cut Image Segmentation
Veksler Olga
An extended phase field higher-order active contour model for networks and its application to road network extraction from very high resolution satellite images
Ting Peng, Ian H. Jermyn, Veronique Prinet, Josiane Zerubia
A Generic Neighbourhood Filtering Framework for Matrix Fields
Luis Pizarro, Berhnard Burgeth, Stephan Didas, Joachim Weickert
Multi-Scale Boundary Detection in Natural Images
Xiaofeng Ren
Estimating 3D Trajectories of Periodic Motions from Stationary Monocular Views
Evan Ribnick, Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos
Unsupervised learning of skeletons from feature trajectories
David A. Ross, Daniel Tarlow, Richard S. Zemel
Multi-layered Decomposition of Recurrent Scenes
David Russell, Shaogang Gong
Semi-supervised Boosting with Expectation Regularization
Amir Saffari, Helmut Grabner, Horst Bischof
View Synthesis for Recognizing Unseen Poses of Object Classes
Silvio Savarese, Li Fei-Fei
Projected Texture for Object Classification
Avinash Sharma, Anoop Namboodiri
Prior-based Piecewise-smooth Segmentation by Template Competitive Deformation using Partitions of Unity
Oudom Somphone, Benoit Mory, Sherif Makram-Ebeid, Laurent Cohen
Vision-based Multiple Interacting Targets Tracking via On-line Supervised Learning
Xuan Song , Jinshi Cui , Hongbin Zha , Huijing Zhao
An Incremental Learning Method for Unconstrained Gaze Estimation
Yusuke Sugano , Yasuyuki Matsushita , Yoichi Sato , Hideki Koike
Partial Difference Equations over Graphs: Morphological Processing of Arbitrary Discrete Data
Vinh Thong Ta, Abderrahim Elmoataz, Olivier Lézoray
Shape Analysis of a Human Body in Clothing with Time-series Part-labeled Volumes Learning
Norimichi Ukita, Ryosuke Tsuji, Masatsugu Kidode
Kernel Codebooks for Scene Categorization (PDF)
Jan C. van Gemert, Jan-Mark Geusebroek, Cor J. Veenman, Arnold W.M. Smeulders
Multiple Tree Models for Occlusion and Spatial Constraints in Human Pose Estimation
Yang Wang, Greg Mori
Structuring Visual Words in 3D: Arbitrary View Object Class Localization and Camera Estimation
Jianxiong XIAO, Jingni CHEN, Dit-Yan YEUNG, Long QUAN
Multi-Thread Parsing for Recognizing Complex Events in Videos
Zhang Zhang, Kaiqi Huang, Tieniu Tan, Shiquan Wang, Liangsheng Wang
Signature-based Document Image Retrieval
Guangyu Zhu, Yefeng Zheng, David Doermann
An Effective Approach to 3D Deformable Surface Tracking
Jianke Zhu, Steven C.H. Hoi, Zenglin Xu, Michael R. Lyu

Poster Session 4

CenSurE: Center Surround Extremas for Realtime Feature Detection and Matching
Motilal Agrawal, Kurt Konolige, Rufus Blas
Regularized partial matching of rigid shapes
Alexander Bronstein, Michael Bronstein
A Column-Pivoting Based Strategy for Monomial Ordering in Numerical Gröbner Basis Calculations
Martin Byröd, Klas Josephson, Karl ?ström
Co-Recognition of Image Pairs by Data-Driven Monte Carlo Image Exploration (PDF)
Minsu Cho, Young Min Shin, Kyoung Mu Lee
Movie/Script: Alignment and Parsing of Video and Text Transcription
Timothee Cour, Chris Jordan, Eleni Miltsakaki, Ben Taskar
Using 3D Line Segments for Robust and Efficient Change Detection from Multiple Noisy Images
Ibrahim Eden, David Cooper
Linking Pose and Motion
Andrea Fossati , Pascal Fua
Automated Delineation of Dendritic Networks in Noisy Image Stacks
German Gonzalez , Francois Fleuret , Pascal Fua
Calibration from statistical properties of the visual world
Etienne Grossmann , José António Gaspar , Francesco Orabona
Regular texture analysis as statistical model selection
Junwei Han, Stephen McKenna, Ruixuan Wang
Higher Dimensional Affine Registration and Vision Applications
Jeffrey Ho, Ming-Hsuan Yang
What does the sky tell us about the camera? (PDF, project) - formely: A Physically-based Sky Model for Illumination Matching
Jean-Francois Lalonde, Srinivasa G. Narasimhan, Alexei A. Efros
Semantic Concept Classification by Joint Semi-supervised Learning of Feature Subspaces and Support Vector Machines
Wei Jiang, Shih-Fu Chang, Tony Jebara, Loui Alexander
Toward Global Minimum through Combined Local Minima (PDF)
Hoyub Jung, Kyoung Mu Lee, Sang Uk Lee
Unsupervised Classification and Part Localization by Consistency Amplification
Leonid Karlinsky, Michael Dinerstein, Dan Levi, Shimon Ullman
FaceTracer: A System for Searching Large Collections of Images with Faces
Neeraj Kumar, Peter Belhumeur, Shree Nayar
Three Dimensional Curvilinear Structure Detection using Optimally Oriented Flux
Max W.K. Law, Albert C.S. Chung
Scene Segmentation for Behaviour Correlation
Jian Li , Shaogang Gong , Tao Xiang
Robust Visual Tracking Based on An Effective Appearance Model
Xi Li , Weiming Hu , Zhongfei Zhang , Xiaoqin Zhang
Key Object Driven Multi-Category Object Recognition, Localization and Tracking Using Spatio-Temporal Context
Yuan Li, Ramakant Nevatia
A Pose-Invariant Descriptor for Human Detection and Segmentation
Zhe Lin , Larry Davis
Texture-Consistent Shadow Removal
Feng Liu, Michael Gleicher
Scene Discovery by Matrix Factorization
Nicolas Loeff, Ali Farhadi
Simultaneous Detection and Registration of Incremental Parameter Learning for Ileo Cecal Valve Dection in 3D CT Colonography
Le Lu, Adrain Barbu, Matthias Wolf, Jianming Liang, Luca Bogoni, Marcos Salganicoff, Dorin Comaniciu
Constructing category hierarchies for visual recognition (PDF, project, slides)
Marcin Marszalek, Cordelia Schmid
Sample Sufficiency And PCA Dimension for Statistical Shape Model
Lin Mei, Michael Figl, Ara Darzi, Daniel Rueckert, Philip Edwards
Locating Facial Features with an Extended Active Shape Model
Stephen Milborrow, Fred Nicolls
Dynamic Integration of Generalized Cues for Person Tracking
Kai Nickel , Rainer Stiefelhagen
Extracting Moving Humans from Internet Videos
Juan Carlos Niebles, Bohyung Han, Andras Ferencz, Li Fei-Fei
Multiple Instance Boost using Graph Embedding Based Decision Stump for Pedestrian Detection
Junbiao Pang, Qingming Huang, Shuqiang Jiang
Object Detection from Large-Scale 3D Datasets using Bottom-up and Top-down Descriptors
Alexander Patterson, Philippos Mordohai, Kostas Daniilidis
A Linear Time Histogram Metric for Improved SIFT Matching (PDF, project, source code)
Ofir Pele, Michael Werman
Making Background Subtraction Robust to Sudden Illumination Changes
Julien Pilet , Christoph Strecha , Pascal Fua
Closed-Form Solution to Non-Rigid 3D Surface Detection
Mathieu Salzmann, Francesc Moreno-Noguer, Vincent Lepetit, Pascal Fua
Implementing Decision Forests on the GPU
Toby Sharp
General Catadioptric Imaging Geometry
Peter Sturm, Joao Barreto
Estimating radiometric response functions from image noise variance
Jun Takamatsu, Yasuyuki Matsushita, Katsushi Ikeuchi
Solving Image Registration Problems Using Interior Point Methods
Camillo Jose Taylor, Arvind Bhusnurmath
3D Face Model Fitting for Recognition
Frank B. ter Haar , Remco C. Veltkamp
A multi-scale vector spline method for estimating the fluids motion on satellite images
Isambert Till, Berroir Jean-Paul, Herlin Isabelle
Continuous Energy Minimization via Repeated Binary Fusion
Werner Trobin, Thomas Pock, Daniel Cremers, Horst Bischof
Unified Crowd Segmentation
Peter Tu, Thomas Sebastian, Gianfranco Doretto, Nils Krahnstoever, Jens Rittscher, Ting Yu
Quick Shift and Kernel Methods for Mode Seeking (PDF)
Andrea Vedaldi, Stefano Soatto
A Fast Algorithm for Creating A Compact and Discriminative Visual Codebook
3D Face Recognition by Collecting Discriminative Shape Difference
Yueming Wang, Jianzhuang Liu, Gang Pan, Rong Xiao, Xiaoou Tang
A Dynamic Conditional Random Field Model for Joint Labeling of Object and Scene Classes
Christian Wojek, Bernt Schiele
Local Regularization for Multiclass Classification Facing Significant Intraclass Variations
Lior Wolf, Yoni Donner
Facial Contour Extraction using Opportunistic Search
Yang Wu, Jianbo Shi
Learning from Real Images to Model Lighting Variations for Face Images
Jiang Xiaoyue, Hichem Sahli, Kong Yuk On, Huang Jianguo, Zhao Rongchun, Zhang Yanning
Stereo Matching: An Outlier Confidence Approach
Li Xu, Jiaya Jia
Improving Shape Retrieval by Learning Graph Transduction
Xingwei Yang , Xiang Bai , Longin Jan Latecki , Zhuowen Tu
Cat Head Detection - How to Effectively Exploit Shape and Texture Features
Weiwei Zhang, Jian Sun, Xiaoou Tang, Heung-Yeung Shum
Motion Context: A New Representation for Human Action Recognition
Ziming Zhang, Syin Chan, Liang-Tien Chia