- A selection of computer vision papers -
See Ke-Sen Huang's SIGGRAPH 2010 page for a non selective list.

Computational Photography (oral)

The Frankencamera: an Experimental Platform for Computational Photography (PDF, project, video, supplemental material, demo, code)
Adams, A. B., Talvala, E., Park, S. H., Jacobs, D. E. Boris Ajdin Gelfand, N. Dolson, J. Vaquero, D. Baek, J., Tico, M. Hendrik P.A. Lensch Wojciech Matusik Pulli, K. Horowitz, M., Levoy, M.
Image Deblurring using Inertial Measurement Sensors (PDF, project, results)
Neel Joshi, Sing Bing Kang, C. Lawrence Zitnick, Richard Szeliski
Diffusion Coded Photography for Extended Depth of Field (PDF, project, results, video)
Oliver Cossairt, Changyin Zhou, Shree K. Nayar
Coded Aperture Projection (PDF, project, video)
Max Grosse, Gordon Wetzstein Anselm Grundhofer Oliver Bimber

Faces & Capture (oral)

High-Quality Single-Shot Capture of Facial Geometry (PDF, project, video)
Thabo Beeler, Bernd Bickel P. Beardsley, B. Sumner, Markus Gross
High Resolution Passive Facial Performance Capture (PDF, project, videos, results, data)
Derek Bradley, Wolfgang Heidrich, Tiberiu Popa, Alla Sheffer
Temporal Upsamplng of Performance Geometry Using Photometric Alignment (PDF, Project, video, ACM TOG)
Cyrus Wilson, Abhijeet Ghosh, Pieter Peers, Jen-Yuan Chiang, Jay Busch, Paul Debevec
VideoMocap: Modeling Physically Realistic Human Motion from Monocular Video Sequences (PDF, video)
Xiaolin Wei, Jinxiang Chai

Stylized Rendering & Illusions (oral)

Camouflage Images (PDF, PDF high-resolution, project, results, video)
Hung-Kuo Chu, Wei-Hsin Hsu Niloy J. Mitra, Daniel Cohen-Or Tien-Tsin Wong Tong-Yee Lee
Structure-Based ASCII Art (PDF, project, slides)
Xuemiao Xu, Linling Zhang, Tien-Tsin Wong
From Image Parsing to Painterly Rendering (PDF, project, results)
Kun Zeng, Mingtian Zhao, Caiming Xiong, Song-Chun Zhu

Boundaries, Edges & Gradients (oral)

RepFinder: Finding Approximately Repeated Scene Elements for Image Editing (PDF, PDF high-resolution, PPT, project, video, code)
Ming-Ming Cheng, Fang-Lue Zhang Niloy J. Mitra, Xiaolei Huang Shi-Min Hu
Edge-based image coarsening (PDF manuscript, project, ACM TOG)
Raanan Fattal Robert Carroll, Maneesh Agrawala
GradientShop: A Gradient-Domain Optimization Framework for Image and Video Filtering (PDF, project, video, results, demo, code)
Pravin Bhat C. Lawrence Zitnick, Michael F. Cohen Brian Curless
Distributed Gradient-Domain Processing of Planar and Spherical Images (PDF, Project, software, code, results, ACM TOG)
Michael Kazhdan Dinoj Surendran, Hugues Hoppe

Textures (oral)

By-example Synthesis of Architectural Textures (PDF, video, result)
Sylvain Lefebvre, Samuel Hornus, Anass Lasram
Synthesizing Structured Image Hybrids (PDF, project, results)
Eric Risser Charles Han Rozenn Dahyot Eitan Grinspun

Video (oral)

Unstructured Video-Based Rendering: Interactive Exploration of Casually Captured Videos (PDF, project, videos, results, ACM TOG)
Luca Ballan Gabriel J. Brostow Jens Puwein Marc Pollefeys
Dynamic Video Narratives (PDF, project, videos, results)
Carlos D. Correa, Kwan-Liu Ma
Video Tapestries with Continuous Temporal Zoom (PDF, project)
Connelly Barnes Dan B Goldman, Eli Shechtman Adam Finkelstein
Motion-based Video Retargeting with Optimized Crop-and-Warp (PDF, supplementary material, project, video)
Yu-Shuen Wang, Hui-Chih Lin Olga Sorkine Tong-Yee Lee

Urban Reconstruction & Explanation (oral)

SmartBoxes for Interactive Urban Reconstruction (PDF, Project, results)
Liangliang Nan, Andrei Sharf Hao (Richard) Zhang Daniel Cohen-Or Baoquan Chen
Non-local Scan Consolidation for 3D Urban Scene (PDF, PDF high-resolution, project, results)
Qian Zheng, Andrei Sharf Guowei Wan Yangyan Li, Niloy J. Mitra, Baoquan Chen Daniel Cohen-Or
Ambient Point Clouds for View Interpolation (PDF)
Michael Goesele, Jens Ackermann, Simon Fuhrmann, Carsten Haubold, Ronny Klowsky Drew Steedly, Richard Szeliski
Street Slide: Browsing Street Level Imagery (PDF)
Johannes Kopf Billy Chen Richard Szeliski, Michael Cohen

Appearance Capture & Image Processing (oral)

Acquisition and Analysis of Bispectral Bidirectional Reflectance and Reradiation Distribution Functions (PDF, PDF high-resolution)
Matthias B. Hullin Johannes Hanika, Boris Ajdin Jan Kautz Hans-Peter Seidel Hendrik P.A. Lensch
Manifold Bootstrapping for SVBRDF Capture (PDF, Abstract, video)
Yue Dong Jiaping Wang, Xin Tong John Snyder Moshe Ben-Ezra Yanxiang Lan Baining Guo
A Coaxial Optical Scanner for Synchronous Acquisition of 3D Geometry and Surface Reflectance (PDF, supplemental material, project)
Michael Holroyd, Jason Lawrence Todd Zickler
Smoothed Local Histogram Filters (PDF, project)
Michael Kass Justin Solomon

Image Enhancement (oral)

Multi-scale Image Harmonization (PDF, supplementary material, PDF, supplementary material, project)
Kalyan Sunkavalli Micah Kimo Johnson Wojciech Matusik Hanspeter Pfister
Personal photo enhancement using example images (PDF, project, video)
Neel Joshi Wojciech Matusik Edward H. Adelson David J Kriegman
Parametric Reshaping of Human Bodies in Images (PDF, PDF high-resolution, project, results, video, or project, results, video)
Shizhe Zhou Hongbo Fu Ligang Liu Daniel Cohen-Or Xiaoguang Han
Image Warps for Artistic Perspective Manipulation (PDF, project, video)
Robert Carroll Aseem Agarwala Maneesh Agrawala